The GAEYC Technical Assistance Specialist of the Year award is given to an outstanding individual who works individually with child care centers and/or family child care homes to help them improve the quality of their care.

Award Criteria

Recipients of the GAEYC Technical Assistance Specialist of the Year award must meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding work with child care centers and/or family child care providers to assist them in improving the quality of their child care program
  • Well versed and up-to-date on child care rules and regulations, developmentally appropriate practices, NAEYC accreditation standards and criteria, and  available quality improvement designations, such as but not limited to, NAEYC Accreditation, Quality Rated, and other accreditations
  • Relates well to a variety of people, demonstrates sensitivity to cultural differences, and customizes technical assistance to meet the individual improvement needs of each program
  • Provides technical assistance that enables the child care program to understand best practices and make decisions on their own to sustain quality improvement changes after the TA has ended

Recipients of the GAEYC Technical Assistance Specialist of the Year award

  • 2018: Victoria Lynn Long-Coleman

Victoria Long-Coleman is the technical assistance specialist for many members of ALEI (Latin Association of Early Childhood Educators). Here’s how her nominator describes her: “Although she does not speak Spanish, she understands us and what we need to improve the quality of our family child care programs. Victoria listens to our feedback and communicate with us through technology or just listening to us talk in our language and observing our cues while she patiently figures out what we are saying. She does not accept failure from us, constantly motivates us to strive higher, reminds us to take care of ourselves physically and mentally, reminds us to “have fun” with the children, and challenges us to go the extra mile to build our family child care home program and community relations as business professionals. When she visits, she models behavior so we observe how to talk and play with our children. Victoria has passion for family child care, is goal-oriented, and she expects no less from us. Because she was formerly a family child care provider, small learning center director, supervisor and sales agent at a major insurance company, college instructor, and wife, mother, and grandmother, Victoria understands the uniqueness of family child care, shares ideas, and her experiences in business, and understands teaching, learning, and human nature so we can improve our practice.“

  • 2017: Amanda Blizard
  • 2016: Emily Meadows
  • 2015: Andrea McFarland
  • 2014: Allegra Jackson
  • 2013: Allison Setterlind
  • 2012: Tameka Cummings
  • 2011: Beth Holland
  • 2010: Heather Allen
  • 2009: Joquetta Taylor
  • 2008: Benita Adejube-Mullins
  • 2007: Devanie Schay
  • 2006: Ruby Phillips