Dance to the Music 1GAEYC offers professional development courses to help early childhood teachers, directors, and trainers get the continuing education you need. If you’re looking to learn more about early childhood development, theories, and developmentally appropriate practice; find information on furthering your education and making career choices in early childhood; or improve your skills as an early childhood teacher, director, or trainer, we have information and training opportunities to help you.

Training for Teachers and Directors

GAEYC helps teachers and directors meet state training requirements through a variety of workshops. Learn more about these training opportunities on the Training for Teachers and Directors page.

Training for Trainers

GAEYC offers three Training for Trainers courses to help early childhood trainers move up the Georgia Trainer Designation Matrix.More information about training opportunities for early childhood trainers can be found on the Training for Trainers page.

Session 2Annual Conference

The GAEYC Together for Children conference is our biggest professional development event, with more than 150 sessions for teachers and directors. The conference is held in September or October each year. Learn more on the conference page.

Find State-Approved Training

In addition to GAEYC, many other organizations offer state-approved and entity-approved training to help ECE professionals meet annual training requirements. To find available training in your area, visit the DECAL Training Calendar.