“Look Again”: Never Leave a Child in a Vehicle Alone

Look Again logoLeaving a child alone in a vehicle is extremely dangerous. Especially in the heat of summer, children are at risk of serious injury or death if they are forgotten or left behind in a car. Even with the windows rolled down, the temperature in a car can rise very quickly, and the heat can be deadly. A total of 8 children in Georgia have died of heatstroke in cars since 2010.

To warn people about this danger, Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning has created a public awareness campaign called “Look Again”. The goal is to remind everyone caring for a child — parents, grandparents, child care providers, babysitters, nannies, and others — to check their vehicle carefully every time they get out, and then to look again to be sure no children are accidentally left behind.

To learn more, read DECAL’s press release, and check out the “Look Again” Public Awareness Video to learn more about how to  protect children whenever you transport them. Please help spread the word, and don’t forget to Look Again.