From the Classroom, to Graduation, Back to the classroom?

We all had that one teacher that inspired us to be great! Helping us cut along those dotted lines to make the perfect Valentine’s Day heart or coloring inside the lines of that big red strawberry, they were there giving you support and encouragement to keep going. Well, soon enough, wouldn’t you want that to be you? What better time to prepare for those moments with children then to start right now!

Professors that educate students about the early childhood field make sure to prepare you for the classroom and teach you the importance of continuing education. It’s not rocket science to figure out why these matters are important because all of you know that children succeed and learn more efficiently when caregivers have the proper education. More importantly, it is crucial that future educators know where to get resources and find ways for support, funds, and education advancement.

As a current student in this field, I sometimes find it mind-boggling to know what my next move is. Would I like to go back to school? Do I want to work first and then go back to school? What type of school should I attend? What should I study? I’m sure all of these questions have wrecked your brain over time as well. With the aid of these resources I found, I was able to set a clear path my future success, find funding opportunities, and receive support for working with children.

Georgia Association on Young Children has provided you with the resources for working in the field of early childhood education. Some of the resources include career pathway options, scholarship opportunities, NAEYC membership, and much more. These resources are readily available for students ready to enter the field of working with children so that one day, you can be a teacher a child looks back on and remembers.