Going on a job hunt? GAYC is not afraid, are you afraid?

Career Builders and Indeeds and Monsters….OH MY! Going on a bear hunt or a job hunt?  These nationally-known career sites can help you find just about any job, in any field and in any salary range. Just thinking about that can make your head spin with so many possibilities. You can spend hours or even weeks scouring these sites and virtually get lost in job descriptions as thick as weeds, CHOP, CHOP. Your search begins in a field you are qualified and passionate about, yet these sites can quickly divert your intentions into a vortex of regrets and diminished self-confidence. All you wanted was to find a job, not a bear in a cave.

Employers in the childcare industry often struggle on a different hunt than JobSeekers but a hunt nonetheless.  Employers post job openings on those expensive monstrous sites and may get out past the garden gate, SQUEEK-SLAM, to look for a qualified applicant, but what they find is another story. The talent pool in a career building can be deep. Dare to wade in? SPLASH, SPLASH. It may need to be skimmed of other talented JobSeekers only to find those relevant to an ECE Employer’s unique needs.

Georgia Association on Young Children has recognized these issues and has developed a solution. EducatorBridge, a niche career website for early childhood employers and job seekers, was introduced at the 48th annual GAYC Conference and Expo. EducatorBridge is an early childhood specific career website with unique attributes and a common interest that connects passionate and qualified educators and employers. EducatorBridge is easy to navigate, user friendly and creating an account takes less time than going on a bear hunt.

EducatorBridge uses industry specific terms and job titles that allow both JobSeekers and Employers to identify areas of experience and needs without getting lost or distracted by irrelevant job descriptions. The specialty areas and terms are unique combinations to the childcare industry, such as Toddler and Montessori or Abeka and a floater and endless other combinations. Indeed you can search these similar terms on other sites and for certain you will end up with offers to pick your toddler up from a Montessori school or a blog article related to Mount Soiree. Mount Soiree? Where is that?? I guess we’ll have to climb it, climb, CLIMB.

Let’s go on a job hunt. Go over the bridge, CLOMP,CLOMP and find that Employer or JobSeeker that is the right fit for you! We are not afraid, are you afraid?

EducatorBridge, making connections.

Making Connections