Raising the Bar at GAYC

As the GAYC team, it is our responsibility to ensure that multiple opportunities exist to connect with early childhood professionals who share your passion for developing and investing in children, families and communities.  These opportunities must be fun, dynamic, enriching and make a sustainable difference for the quality of services that they are experiencing.  Shaping our future starts with a clear vision, courage to overcome obstacles and daring to try new things.  It means thinking outside of the box while trying to anticipate the needs of our industry.

Over the past five months I have had the pleasure to meet with many of you throughout the state and I hope that I get the chance to meet many more of you in the near future.  I have been listening closely to what guides your passion and what the needs are to help those passions turn to reality.  Through this active listening we have started to enhance, change or create many new services.  Two that I would like to specifically mention are the statewide training initiative and the 48th Annual Together for Children Conference & Expo.

The intermediate and advanced statewide training initiative is intended to help increase the accesIntermediateandAdvancedTrainingsibility of high quality training throughout the state.  It will also help the programs that are engaged in the quality rated process obtain higher points in their portfolios.  Through this initiative, summits will be offered to state-approved trainers who want to increase their professional development as well as increase their networks.  The goal is to help increase the capacity of early childhood professionals so that we can increase the capacity of our children, families and communities. You can find out more about the intermediate and advanced statewide training initiative: here.

The 48th Annual GAYC Conference & Expo is a two day journey (September 26 & 27) designed to help meet your professional development & networking needs and to serve as an inspiration to raise the bar in your personal and professional life.   It has been intentionally planned with a cross-sector approach for higher education faculty, trainers and technical assistance providers, program administrators, mentor teachers, and all other early childhood professionals.

RaisingtheBarlogoThis year’s conference theme – Raising the Bar – is an important sentiment given all of the attention that the state of Georgia and the nation has dedicated to increasing the quality of care and services to our children and families.  We are witnessing unprecedented national, state and local attention on early learning and with this comes our responsibility to raise the bar on what we do, how we do it and the expectations that are held for each one of us.  I feel like there has never been a more exciting time in Early Childhood and this is our prime opportunity to show the rest of the nation that Georgia is serious about making our mark on raising the bar of quality! You can find out more about the conference as well as sponsorship, vendor and advertising opportunities: here.

I truly hope that I get to personally meet each one of you at some point.  I am humbled by your dedication, passion and commitment to our children, families and communities and want to thank you personally for your personal and professional investment in our future!  Please help spread the word far and near about this year’s conference as well as the statewide training initiative.  We need your help to make it the best ever!