Learning Galleria/Poster Presentation – Call for Ideas

At the 48th Annual GAYC Conference & Expo held at the Gwinnett Center on September 26-27, college and university students will have the chance to share research and teaching ideas in a poster presentation format at the Learning Galleria on Saturday, September 27th for you to view at the conference.  For more details on how to apply click here.

What are some teaching ideas and research practices that you would like to see in the Learning Galleria this year?  Some topics that we have had in the past included movement instruction for toddlers, language development and infants, books that teach, and science with preschoolers.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for the Learning Galleria.  You may see your ideas presented this year!

Raynice E. Jean-Sigur, Ph.D.
Higher Education Outreach Co-Chair, GAYC Conference & Expo Committee