PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS WANTED- Field Testing New Parent Survey

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) is developing a new assessment tool to measure parents’ perceptions of their strengths and is looking for individuals to help test the technical adequacy and usefulness of the instrument.

Information provided by this new tool can be used in designing, implementing and monitoring effective service plans, as well as in evaluating the effectiveness of programs that aim to support parents in building their protective factors.

CSSP needs help in recruiting a minimum of 2,000 parents and other primary caregivers of young children. We need volunteers:

  • Who have at least one child birth to 8 years old
  •  Who are fathers, mothers or other primary caregivers
  •  From all age groups (teen parents to grandparents who are primary caregivers)
  •  From all racial and ethnic/cultural groups
  •  From all economic groups
  •  From all regions of the country

The survey takes roughly 20 minutes and can be accessed by clicking on or copying and pasting the following link:


Submissions must be completed by January 5, 2014.
All information and survey answers are anonymous and will be used for research purposes only.