Georgia’s New Quality Ratings Go Public

Quality Rated adQuality Rated, Georgia’s new quality rating and improvement (QRIS) system, reached an important milestone on July 1, 2013 when program ratings became public. Quality Rated is intended to help improve the quality of early care and learning  in Georgia by encouraging programs to voluntarily meet higher standards, and by helping parents better understand what quality early care and learning settings looks like.

As of July 8, more than 1,300 early childhood programs and family child care homes have voluntarily enrolled in Quality Rated, and 210 have received their rating of 1 star, 2 stars, or 3 stars. Each star indicates a step that program has taken to improve quality above the minimum requirements for child care licensing. Read more about Quality Rated and  watch videos about why quality early care and learning matters on the Quality Rated public website.

Finding Quality Rated programs

If you are looking for a Quality Rated program, or wondering whether a program has been rated, find a Quality Rated program using DECAL’s search page. You can limit your search to Quality Rated programs, or search all programs in your area. Click on the ones with the Quality Rated symbol to see their ratings. When you click on an individual program, the quality rating stars appear in the upper right corner.

Becoming Quality Rated in Georgia

Licensed child care learning programs and group day care homes and registered family day care homes in Georgia can volunteer to participate in Quality Rated. Programs attend an orientation, can choose to receive free technical assistance, and are eligible for free training and bonuses when they receive their rating. Keep in mind that NAEYC-Accredited programs earn 2 bonus points in Quality Rated. To learn more about enrolling in Quality Rated, go to the Quality Rated program site. For more information about NAEYC accreditation, check out the GAYC Accreditation page.