The GAEYC ECE Trainer of the Year award is given to a trainer who provides innovative and creative training for professionals in the  early childhood education field.

Award criteria

Recipients of the GAEYC ECE Trainer of the Year award must meet the following criteria:

  • Documented history of providing innovative, creative, interactive, and dynamic training that supports principles of adult learning
  • Relates well to a variety of audiences and demonstrates sensitivity to cultural differences and individual learning styles
  • Well-versed and up-to-date in training content. Content is well grounded in research and is competency-based.
  • Makes a significant contribution to the training field (e.g., publication, development of a new training method, mentoring of others, or other contribution)

Recipients of the GAEYC ECE Trainer of the Year award

  • 2015: Michelle Matthews
  • 2014: Linda Davis
  • 2013: Tanya Walker Wallace
  • 2012: Carol Daniel
  • 2011: Suzanne Turner
  • 2010: Sheila Lewis
  • 2009: Devanie Schay
  • 2008: Jason Jacobs
  • 2007: Victoria Hawkins
  • 2006: Trudy Friar
  • 2005: Linda Adams
  • 2004: Patricia Sullivant
  • 2003: Beth Webb Woods