The GAEYC Early Interventionist of the Year award is given to an outstanding individual whose work supports young children with special need. The recipient of this award may work directly with children with special needs, provide support and education for their families, or work with early childhood teachers to include children with special needs.

Award criteria

Recipients of the GAEYC Early Interventionist of the Year award must meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding Early Interventionist who works directly with young children with special needs, families that have children with special needs, and/or with early childhood teachers to assist in the inclusion of children with special needs
  • Well-versed and up to date on laws, research, and best practices of inclusion, and applies that knowledge to working with and advocating for children with special needs and their families
  • Relates well to a variety of people, and demonstrates sensitivity to cultural differences and individual needs of children and families

Recipients of the GAEYC Early Interventionist of the Year award

  • 2015: Susan Esra
  • 2014: Kathie Rigsby
  • 2012: Charlie Marie Jones
  • 2011: Nailah Tillman-Davis
  • 2010: Andrea Barton-Hulsey
  • 2009: Susan Wadkins
  • 2008: Joey Kiernan
  • 2007: Sheryl Irwin
  • 2006: Shannon Carroll