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Exciting New Location!

The Gwinnett Technical College – Alpharetta North Fulton campus is a beautiful new facility that offers a single building for our conference. With three floors, the first has a large bright lobby, which will be our conference welcome and registration area as well as hospitality rooms. The second and third floors hold all of our session rooms, which are joined by wide walkways full of light.

Engaging Conference Attendees

This year our exhibit space will be tables in the wide walkways between session rooms. An advantage of having the conference all in one building is that there will be attendee traffic throughout the building so that exhibitors can attract attendees between sessions. To encourage attendee engagement, will have an exhibitor scavenger hunt in which attendees place stickers in their conference booklet showing they engaged with exhibitors to be entered into a prize drawing. We ask that all exhibitors provide a 1-inch diameter (can be round or square) sticker for a scavenger hunt and an item for the silent auction.

Conference Program Ads

The GAEYC conference program includes resources for early childhood professionals and is given out to our 1500 attendees in a hard copy glossy booklet as well as distributed online to our listserv of 11,000 early childhood professionals.

Insert in Tote Bag

Conference attendees each receive a tote bag with resources, gifts, and pamphlets. This is a great way to get your marketing materials into the hands of our attendees.

Looping Digital Ad     

Large monitors on all floors update attendees about conference scheduling and can be a great way to connect with our attendees.

Flag Style Welcome Banner

The lobby offers space for hanging flag style banners from the second floor. PROVIDE YOUR OWN BANNER, and we will hang it for you. This will be part of welcoming attendees as they sign in at registration. Dimensions are 4.5 ft in height, and maximum 3 ft length.

PreConference Institute Resource Table for Early Childhood Leaders

The PreConference Institute attracts Directors, Owners, Higher Education Faculty, and other leaders in early childhood in Georgia. GAEYC comprehensive members (our highest tier) receive a VIP complimentary registration for this upper level training. Held on Thursday before the conference, this event will have a resource table for which you can provide printed information in this opportunity to connect with this specific audience.


These Rules and Regulations are set by GAEYC for all organizations and their personnel exhibiting at the 2017 Annual Conference. All advertisements are subject to review prior to acceptance. Program will be printed on 8 X 11 paper stock. Submit ad in electronic format as a high resolution JPG (300 dpi at 8.5×11 size) or Adobe PDF format (preferable) of the ad, as you would like it to appear.

Contract for Space

Display space includes 1 table (48 x 36), 2 chairs, & free WiFi. We will offer 20-30 display spaces in walkways for exhibitors to engage conference attendees. Please feel free to bring your own table draping as this venue does not provide generic draping. All exhibitor display spaces will be reserved on a first come, first served basis with the return of this contract and payment

The Exhibitor Contract must be completed in its entirety and accompanied by the appropriate payment for the number of spaces requested. No contracts will be processed or space assigned without payment. The signed contract and subsequent notice of assignment constitute a contract between Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children (hereinafter referred to as GAEYC) and the exhibitor. Any point not specifically covered in these regulations is subject to the decision of GAEYC, whose decision shall be final.

Payment Terms

Exhibitors will not be able to set up until the exhibit fees to GAEYC are paid in full. Full payment of the fee must be received with the contract.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellations must be made in writing (no exceptions) to GAEYC. Cancellations received on or prior to September 01, 2017 will result in GAEYC retaining 50% of the full rental cost of the display space. No refunds for cancellations will be granted after September 1, 2017. GAEYC shall not be liable for any interest on the amount refunded.

Assignment of Space

Display space is limited in the exhibit hall at the event location, and premium spaces will be assigned at the discretion of GAEYC with due regard to history of participation. Assignments will be made according to the payment date. Payments must be made before assignment of space. The decision of GAEYC, with respect to display space, will be final and binding on all exhibitors. GAEYC prohibits and enforces that exhibitors may not assign or sublet any part of their allotted exhibit space to another business or firm without the advance, written permission of GAEYC. Contracts for exhibit space are between GAEYC and each individual exhibitor, not between exhibiting companies. Therefore, the subletting of space is grounds for GAEYC’s termination of any contract that exists and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Use of Space

Displays must be contained within the assigned display space in such a way that they do not interfere with other exhibitors’ displays. Canvassing, distributing advertising matter, or the posting of any advertising in any public space outside of the exhibitor’s rented space is not permitted and is grounds for removal. Companies violating this rule may be excluded from future GAEYC events.

Booth Personnel

Each exhibiting company is entitled to two (2) complimentary exhibitor badges per exhibit space. If additional exhibitor badges are needed, contact the Conference Coordinator at Each exhibitor representative will be allowed entrance to the display hall and participation in the expo only (no entrance to meeting sessions or other conference-associated events). Badges must be worn at all times for admission to the display hall and are nontransferable. Displays must be staffed during all GAEYC exhibitor open hours. Exhibitors assume all responsibility for their personnel and for all persons admitted to the display hall using their exhibitor badges.

Hotel Accommodations

Exhibitors may make hotel reservations by contacting either of the Host Hotels where GAEYC has reserved a room block. When making your reservations, you will need to identify yourself as part of the GAEYC Conference to obtain special rates. Reserve a hotel room

Licenses, Liability and Insurance

It will be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to pay any and all licensing fees for music or motion picture equipment used in the space. GAEYC will assume no liability for the loss or damage of goods or materials owned or leased by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of injury or damage, including that by fire and theft, to Exhibitors displays, equipment and other property brought onto the premises of the Gwinnett Technical College.

The Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Gwinnett Technical College, GAEYC and their agents, servants, employees, officers, directors, staff and members. Each participant by signing the application and contract, expressly understands that they release GAEYC from, and agree to indemnify it against, any and all claims for such loss, injury or damage

Flag Style Banners

You provide your own banner, and we will hang it for you. Limited to 4.5 feet in height and maximum of 3 feet in length. Must be hangable with rope.

Logo and Advertisement Submission

Company logo must be received by August 15, 2017 via electronic format (JPG or PDF, not compressed and the largest resolution possible) at Submit ad in electronic format as a high resolution JPG (300 dpi at 8.5×11 size) or Adobe PDF format (preferable) of the ad as you would like it to appear, send to

Conference Attendee bag inserts can include one brochure or item in the conference tote bag, per company, not to exceed 4 pages. Catalogs not accepted. Send all electronic copies and bag inserts to for approval by, prior to mailing 1,600 copies by September 1, 2017 to:

Lisa White
Early Child Care and Education
Athens Technical College
800 US Hwy 29 North
Athens, GA 30601


For assistance please contact Jaime Dice at or 404-222-0014.

Click Here for online application.

Or email for printed application to mail to:

Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children

P.O. Box 49361

Atlanta, GA 30359